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How do I keep my game well balanced?

Many games worldwide are of the mark: the economy in the game is 'unhealthy', the balance is gone, and with it also the challenge for players and the income of the game administrators. No, I don't mean MafiaCreator, but online multiplayer games in general.

Yet it is also a problem that is playing tricks on game managers within our network. They give away a lot of mass donations, the editing of players' money and mega bonuses, because everyone wants more money, and it is expected that players will spend more money then. And there it goes wrong! For a long time we have allowed a lot of freedom in the games, but now we notice that even the players complain because the game doesn't challenge them enough. The money poors in anyway via the family bank interest or the money machines.

The result? Log on daily, bring a visit to the shop... and increase your power! But why would a game member spend money on credits, if he already possesses an infinite amount of money??

Over the past weeks we have analyzed the games to see where it goes wrong, and we have found the biggest wrongdoers. For that reason, we have worked out a number of adjustments to restore the game balance. Of course there will always remain a certain amount of freedom. How you use that freedom as a game owner is completely up to you. However, we would like to give you some advice.

The modifications:

Mass donations
We have reduced the mass donation limits to realistic values, so that the economy of a game can not be ruined by the click of a button. Moreover, from now on your players have to accept the donation (within 72 hours after donation). This avoids a surplus of large sums of money in your game, and besides players will have a good reason to play regularly.

Başlangıç parası
Welcoming new players by giving them 1 million in the bank? That deal is off. To begin with, a player may receive up to 1 million in cash and bank money. This for the same reason: why would a player even bother to commit a crime for 20.000, or even spend 1 euro on your game, if he can get it all so easily??

Family: illegal cash machines
I have already tackled this problem in a previous paragraph. The lifetime of illegal cash machines remains exactly the same, but the minimum and maximum return per cash machine has changed and is quite proportionate to its lifespan. Short lifespan? Fast cashing! Long lifespan? Wait longer, but cashing also!

Family: land surface area
We have implemented a similar system as in the case of the illegal cash machines.

Family: interest in the bank
The maximum rate has been reduced to 3% and the amount on which you receive interest has been maximized at 100 million instead of 1 billion.

Interest bank money
The maximum interest on your bank money has also been reduced to 100 million. So you will no longer receive interest over an unlimited amount.

And a few more tips...

Do you really want to go for it, and receive a nice amount of money on your bank account each month by running your own mafia game? Then do not try to counteract these changes, to still be able to use all maximum settings... But try the opposite for a change!

3% interest on the family bank? No, -3% interest! Dedektif masrafı? 5 million! Try to set all minimums, or at least low values. Make it as difficult as possible for your players. Low revenues, high costs!

You wanna bet you get your players playing again?? Now they really have to work for their money! You wanna bet that afterwards, each month you will see result on your bank account??

If you do rounds, you can of course complete the current round! Most of the above changes won't take effect until you save the new settings. Until then you can continue with the existing settings. But try to do the next round with these tips, so without editing members and the granting of huge sums of money.

And who knows, the coming weeks we will have a fun update to make your game even more challenging. Stay tuned!